Spring Tier Tray Decor Bundle

Spring Tier Tray Decor Bundle

PriceFrom $6.00

Tier Tray Decor Bundle Includes: 

  • 1 Mini Rolling Pin
  • 1 Fresh Flower Market Arrow Sign
  • 2 Mini Square Signs
  • 1 Wooden Bead Garland
  • 1 Mini Metal Watering Can
  • 1 Flower Cart Cutout
  • 1 Ladder With Flowers Cutout
  • 1 Stack Faux Mini Books

Please note the tiered tray is not included. You are only purchasing the 9 items listed above. Cutout signs/shapes are not freestanding signs and will need to be leaned or require an easel/stand.


Our tier tray decor bundles make it easy to decorate! 

Arrow Sign Dimensions:

Height: 2.25 inches

Width: 5 inches

Depth: .75 inches


Square Sign Dimensions: 
Width: 3.5 inches
Height: 3.5 inches
Depth: .75 inches 

Rolling Pin Dimensions: 
Length: 7 inches

Spring Themed Garland: 
Length: 27 inches

Mini Metal Watering Can Dimensions: 
Height: 6 inches

Width: 6 inches


Ladder Cutout Dimensions:

Height: 6 inches

Width: 2 inches

Depth: .25 inches


Flower Cart Dimensions: 

Height: 4 inches

Width: 4.5 inches

Depth: .5 inches


Mini Book Dimensions: 

Width: 4 inches

Depth: 2.25 inches

Height: 2.25 inches

Note: You are purchasing the 9 piece bundle only. The accessories are used for staging purposes only. Our intention is to show you how beautiful this set will look on your tiered tray in your home.