Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Floral Arrangement

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Floral Arrangement


Give your home a taste of simple elegance with our silver dollar eucalyptus farmhouse-style floral arrangement! It is sure to make a statement wherever you place it! Perfect for displaying on your kitchen island, a centerpiece on your dining table or kitchen windowsill! 

Our jars have a frosted glass finish on the bottom quarter of the jar and a rope accent handle!

Our floral arrangement includes three large silver dollar eucalyptus floral stems! 

Jar Dimensions: 
Width: 4 inches
Height: 8.25 inches 
Depth: 4 inches 

Jar Dimensions W/ Eucalyptus: 
Height: Approx. 20 inches 

Note: You are purchasing the glass jar with silver dollar eucalyptus only. The accessories are used for staging purposes only. Our intent is to help you visualize how beautiful this floral arrangement will look in your home.